Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 4 (9/26/2010 - 10/2/2010)

   So...yeah, before I start, I might as well point out the fact that this is the fourth week and I haven't been keeping up with these weekly posts. I guess how we were supposed to go about doing these kind of escaped me early on, then I ended up putting it on the back burner, and now this is the result- a rather empty blog. Well, fear not! I will stop my procrastination on this subject and really get on it from this point forward... I hope.

   In any case, on Tuesday, we had a critique of our mannequins following the first modeling clay muscles assignment. I hadn't gotten mine yet since I was absent the Thursday prior, so all I could do was observe. As I am finding out, the small size and number of the individual muscles I say sculpted upon each mannequin belied how ridiculously difficult they are to actually create and attach properly. Modeling clay almost never dries out, but man oh man is it a beast to work with, and the vague instruction books don't make it any easier. However, Amy did direct us to a website that shows a full 3D model of each body system, so I might give that a shot... if I could just remember the url.
 Once we started some actual figure drawing, our main task was to practice drawing the central line of curvature relative to each pose, as this is apparently how we are, from now on, supposed to start every drawing. Doing this makes sense, and I enjoyed it for its simplicity. Later on we tried our first cross-contour drawing, which takes a considerable amount of time and patience. My results from this endeavor probably would have been more appealing had I known to draw the horizontal contours as well as the vertical.
 I was actually scheduled to model on Tuesday for the afternoon class, but Amy had accidentally signed up someone else as well. The worst thing that happened was I got paid for three hours while I did my homework, so I'm not exactly upset. I'm scheduled for next Tuesday for sure, although, for the open drawing session at 7:00pm.

   On Thursday, we continued on with the central line exercises, but this time we were instructed in how to add a rib cage to it. The result was pages full of what amusingly looked a lot like sperm cells, although, I still enjoyed the technique, once again, for its simplicity and ease of execution. Near the end of the class, we attempted yet another cross-contour drawing of the torso. I remembered to actually cross the contours this time and my results were much better.

The techniques I have been learning are much different than how I am used to drawing, and the process often tests the limits of my patience and frustration, but I know that nothing worth doing is ever really easy to learn... at least where art is concerned.

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