Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 (11/14/2010 - 11/20/2010)

 Since this was yet another short week in Life Drawing, and we did virtually nothing other than experiment with ink washes, the results of which I feel don't merit being put up on the blog, I'm going to take a detour for this post and explore something a little more personal in the way of drawing. Just like any artist, as a video game artist, I base a number of my skill aspirations on the works of others. One site that I frequent, deviantART, exhibits the works of many amazing artists, and there are a few that I would probably kill to have their amount of talent and skill. Let me show you what I mean... 

 This is a piece titled "Amala of Sanctified Edge". The artist's username on deviantART is takaya, although you can see that his whole name is Takaya Lee just by looking at the signature at the bottom- right. If one needed an extremely brief summary of what I aspired to eventually be able to do as a game artist, all I would have to do is show this image. I mean, this is fricking IT! The actual human form in the center is beautiful enough, but the armor she's wearing is just phenomenal. I can't even imagine the amount of understanding of form it would take to be able to create something like this from your head. Seriously, what is all that even made of? It looks like some kind of bone/metal composite, but you can't really be sure. The color is what gives it this fantastic ambiguity, though, and what truly brings the picture to life. The whole thing was digitally painted, which is a skill I have very little expertise with but desperately need to learn, especially if I ever want results like this. The only elements of this work that I can learn in Life Drawing, though, is the human figure aspect, as well as form in general, which is why I so value dynamic poses like the one Amala is giving us here.

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