Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 9 (10/31/2010 - 11/6/2010)

   As I stated in the week 8 post, this post for week 9 will include a combination of the works I did in class during both the 8th and 9th weeks, since I kind of forgot which drawings go where. Also, as a first, instead of just saying a whole lot in a few paragraphs and then lumping all the drawings together at the end, I'm going to go into detail about every individual drawing, so you can get a better understanding of what's going on in each...

   I'm guessing the day the I drew this, it was one of the first, if not the first, attempts we made at adding the pelvis to each of our figures. Gesture drawings as these may be, I still found it difficult (and still somewhat do) to figure out the placement of the pelvis in relation to the ribcage, as well as its general shape in any given position. I will admit, though, these do look rather lively.

   I got a little help from Amy on this one, but it illustrates my as-stated-above difficulty with proportion and placement of of the pelvis. That damn triangle thing always throws me off.

   Now this one is unique in a number of ways. The primary reason was that it was our first full, 2-hour drawing, meaning that it was also Katharina's first time posing for a full 2 hours, with breaks every half-hour our so, of course. The pose is also personal, since during the afternoon class period the previous Tuesday, I happened to be the model and had to endure this same exact pose... for 2 freaking hours! Obviously, just sitting in a chair isn't exactly tough work, but good lord was it boring, especially considering I couldn't move any of my body parts. Katharina was actually in the class that I posed for, so she knew what was coming.
 I actually like how the drawing itself turned out, despite it not being picture perfect after looking at the pose for as long as I did. In fact, Amy said that she didn't want us to even try for a perfect drawing; it was all still meant for practice and learning, so we were prompted to draw the ribcage, pelvis, etc. and leave them there. I was happy that the length of time permitted me to draw the head and face, for a change, which really brings the whole piece into another reality.

  More pelvis gestures here. I started to embrace the concept of "stick" limbs this time around, since I noticed a lot of other people had good results with it. My favorite one is the top left figure in the lower right quadrant. See how I bent the arm sticks to create the illusion of shoulders? I love little things like that.

   This was another long pose, but thankfully not 2 hours. Our focus for this one was learning how to foreshorten, and I think I hit the mark pretty well. The chair Katharina was sitting on was raised up higher than normal upon boxes and stacks of books, so trying to figure out the proportions of the surrounding objects relative to the actual figure was my primary issue. I spent too much time trying to figure out the shoulders, so I decided to concentrate on the legs more, which is why they stand out so much. We hadn't tackled feet at this point either, so I largely ignored them. It's not that I couldn't have drawn them if I'd wanted to, it's just that I hate drawing feet, so I didn't.

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