Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 1 (9/5/2010 - 9/11/2010)

   Make up time! Wow, bet you never thought you'd see a post for week 1 all the way after week 12, did ya? Diligence is obviously my strongest suit. In any case, as was the issue with weeks 8 and 9, so is it with weeks 1 to 3; I have a bunch of drawings sitting in a folder on my computer from those first 3 weeks but very little certainty as to which of those weeks I created them in. I actually have a pretty good idea about week 1, so this post will actually be accurate, but I will have to combine the drawings of weeks 2 and 3 like a sick, mutant lab experiment full of anguish and fail. Alright, let's take a peek back at what that first week was like...

   I might as well start with the most rudimentary, and most frustrating, works of the semester- the blind drawings. Yes indeed, we had to draw our new shells without ever looking at the paper. On the first one we could use multiple lines; the second one, we couldn't lift the pencil off the paper at all. Fun stuff. Although it was just an exercise to get our drawing styles more loosened up, it still sucked to do, and everyone hated it.

   Wow, take a look at this fine masterpiece. How did I ever manage to fit 3 whole lines into each of these squares? It's mind-boggling! Ok, I'll stop being retarded; of the many first times Amy had us concentrate solely on the the curvature of the spine, the foundation for every one our our drawings to come, this is my favorite example. They may just be lines, but hey, it's still technically art, right?


These are, bar none, the best things that came out of the first week. We did these right after the blind drawings, and I forget what the rules for these were, but they were obviously less restrictive. Drawing contours was almost just as frustrating, which made me finish it fairly quickly. Thank god I'd never have to do that again, right? ...oh wait.

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