Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 14 (12/5/2010 - 12/11/2010)

   Wow, here we are- the second to last week of the whole semester. Man, this class went by fast! No time for good-byes yet, though. At the cost of a lot of good sleep (at least at night), I managed to get a number of things done this week, the coolest of which is Shell Drawing number 3! Woo hoo! Even as I write this I am reeling from another all-nighter, so how about we go ahead and wrap this thing up quick tonight, k?

   Ah, here we go- my favorite subject of drawing-study... hands. Annie and I were "modeling" for each other here, and as you can clearly see, I was paying full attention the whole time. This certainly isn't the worst set of hands I've ever drawn, I can tell you that right now, although, where hands are concerned, I doubt I will be satisfied for a very long time, regardless of how good they may end up. The sheet got flipped at some point, so you may have to do some rotation if you want to see each pose as it was originally drawn, since I know you won't be able to move any farther down this post without doing so...

   I walked into the classroom late this day and started hastily sketching out what everyone else was drawing- A SKULL!!! Because I went so fast, I distorted the upper jaw proportions a little bit and missed a number of other things as well, so I continued on another sheet...but didn't finish the other drawing, so here's what we have. At least you can tell its a skull, right? The cranium actually looks pretty good, in my opinion, even if it is probably the easiest part of the whole skull to draw. Definitely need to explore this a little more but some time later. Now, comes the post's coup de grâce...

   Yea! That's what I'm talking about! This one's arguably better than even the first shell drawing, although since this one comes with its own ink wash, it's not exactly a fair comparison. I did my best to avoid going the same old grid-style that I did with the other two, instead opting for contour lines that look like actual cracks in the shell's surface. The ink itself is a funny story- I went to the art store get supplies and picked up a bottle of brick red ink. When I opened the vial later, the color that you see above is what came out. Although mildly disappointed, I soldiered on through the drawing and am actually very pleased with the ending results. I managed to pretend that the outline on the round part of the shell is a contour, since it dips occasionally to make it look like the shell's layers. The new line style and the combination of black and green inks turned out great. Let's hope number 4 is just as good!


  1. This ink shell drawing turned out so well! It looks awesome, I love the color choice you used. I am excited to see your last shell

  2. This shell drawing looks beautiful! The lines are delicate and detailed; carefully observed. The ink was brick red? Even though it wasn't what you expected, it turned out great.

  3. HEY! I finally was able to get onto your profile. Since you commented on one of my photos I could click on that link to bring me right to your page.
    Anyways, I'm glad I was finally able to because I've been meaning to compliment you on your shell wash. It's truly beautiful and I know a lot of people in the class agree. Well done. It looks not rushed and very carefully planned. The only small thing I would have to say is the back needs a little more attention. Even one dark line, or highlight to make it pop in a small way... even though its contradicting, I think it needs one more little touch to it.

  4. Wow! I love both your shell and your skull! the delicacy of your lines on the skull is wonderful!! I'm also very drawn to your shell! I especially like your use of color. It's definitely not easy to use a bright color, but yours turned out great!

  5. The shell drawing turned out really nice. You did a great job of capturing it's volume and showed a lot of detail. You also did a nice job of controlling your ink which isn't always easy to do.