Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 13 (11/28/2010 - 12/4/2010)

   This is a very special post. Although it is the 13th one, which should be taken as an ill-omen, this post marks the first time that I'm actually completely caught up with all of my blog posts! Woot! This week also marks the addition of shoulder blades to our figures. These are not easy to do, since there are two of them, they can change position independent of one another, and unless the pose causes them to protrude or the model is exceptionally bony, they are often difficult to locate. Here's how this experience went down for me...

   Right off the bat, you'll have to forgive me for the poor picture quality- I was using a shitty point and shoot camera that I didn't realize was so shitty at the time. Anyway, you see those triangles on the backs of some of the figures? There they are- the shoulder blades. These are about as hard, if not harder, to draw than the pelvis, which I still don't have down pat. Some of these aren't half bad, actually. Definitely going to need more practice, though.

   This one is special to me- it's one of the only times in class that I've drawn gestures straight from my head, which, as I've stated before, is my primary goal in drawing. Well, at least the top four poses are all imagined; the bottom-left is actually my attempt at drawing Annie while she was concentrating on the model. I wasn't ignoring the assignment at hand; I had already finished it. Take a peek below...

   Hell yes! I love how this turned out. While almost everyone else was drawing Katharina from the front, I got to continue the scapula lesson by staying behind her. Even though I think I did a great job with the contours and everything else on her back, my personal favorite has to be the head. The hair flows in the proper directions, the ear and jaw are in the right places, and the neck connects to the rest of it perfectly. All things considered, I am very proud of this work.

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  1. Great drawing of the models shoulder area. I've got one that looks very similar... well the pose does but mine drawing won't hold a candle to yours. I have to agree with you you nailed that drawing from the hair all the way to the chair.