Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 2 (9/12/2010 - 9/18/2010)

   More make up! Since the week 3 post is going to cover all the drawings I've done from weeks 2 and 3, I'll use this post to show you fine ladies and gentlemen, yet again, what kinds of artistic skills I want to hone. If, after this post, you still haven't figured out that I like anime/manga and the drawing styles they entail, then please to go and earn yourself a nice, shiny Darwin Award. Thank you from all of us.


   This time around, I'm looking at the fine work of Japanese deviantARTist ALF874. The above work is titled "a half-beast girl" and wins my seal of approval on so many levels. I mean, come on- its a super strong, cat-like female whose holding a pile of what are probably tank scraps above her head with her right hand and carrying a monstrous Gatling gun, ammo drum included, in her left hand! This thing just drips cool! 
 What I want to talk about specifically, in relation to Life Drawing, is ALF874's knowledge of musculature. Almost every female he draws has significantly well-defined muscles like the half- beast girl here, and the best part is that they always feel appropriate, never to bulky or out of control, probably because a large number of the girls he draws are anthropomorphic beasts/demons like this one.

   Titled "waterfall", this is definitely one of my favorites of ALF874's works. The origin of the tail was placed a little high, in my opinion, but everything else works out great. Again we see extensive use of musculature, even on such a slender frame as hers (that's beast chicks for ya). My favorite part, though, has to be the tattooing. The designs have a wild, arcane feeling to them and perfectly accent the subject's obvious ferality. I've actually designed a character myself who has similar tattoos covering her entire body. After seeing these, however, I can tell there's quite a bit I still could afford to learn.

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